F1 Driver Rankings – 2012



BGP07 1090Image by p_c_w via Flickr

Now that we are seven races into the 2012 Formula 1 race calendar, one thing is clear, the total domination we've seen by Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull Racing team in past years seems to be over. For now. While some people (including Ferrari driver Fernando Alonsohave complained there are too many contenders, I think it makes for great racing. The only exciting thing about the 2011 season was watching Vettel win all the races and really dominate the sport. Watching the individual races was actually less exciting because you almost expected him to qualify in pole position, then finish first. When he did it, it was expected, not an exciting finish.


The 2012 F1 season has been much more equalized, yet with podium positions still mainly divided among the same five or so top drivers. I would like to see more of lesser-known drivers win races, we did have that in Spain when Williams driver Pastor Maldonadowon the race. But other than that race, and Mercedes' Nico Rosberg's win in China in mid-April, it's still the same small club. Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Red Bull's Mark Webber and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. You can pretty well be sure the top three will include those drivers, in some order, at least.


2012 race results

The first race of the 2012 season in Australia was won by Jenson Button. It was Fernando Alonso who won the second race in Malaysia. Mercedes' Nico Rosberg took the checkered flag at the third race of the season in China, followed by Vettel's win in Bahrain. In Spain it was new guy Pastor Maldonado who won, followed the next race by Mark Webber's Monaco victory. Next race was in Canada and Lewis Hamilton won that one, leading us into the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe, scheduled for June 24 in Valencia, Spain.



After the seventh race, it's McLaren's Lewis Hamilton at the top of the F1 driver's rankings with 88 points. Behind him is Ferrari's Fernando Alonso with 86. In third place is Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel with 85 points. red Bull's Mark Webber is next with 79, followed by Mercedes' Nico Rosberg with 67, then the field trails off sharply.



A lifetime auto racing fan, Freddy Sherman collects vintage muscle cars and attends races and rally events in the U.S. and around the world. He loves and writes about IndyCar and Formula 1 racing and you can follow him on Twitter –@thefredsherman

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